Faculty Club

Barbara's Bar

Enjoy your favorite beverage with colleagues, family or friends and sample Barbara's Bar menu.

Barbara's Bar Menu

Bar is open Monday-Friday 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Menu available 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

BFC Jumbo Pretzel 

Salted Pretzel | Beer Cheese | Spiced Mustard 

Crispy Chicken Wings

Tossed in your choice of sauce (Buffalo | Barbeque | Teriyaki) 

House Fries    

Fresh Cut House Fries 

Truffle Fries

Fresh Cut House Fries | Truffle Oil | Parmesan Cheese | Fresh Herbs 


Served with Fresh Vegetables (vg|mwg)

Daily Quesadilla  

Ask Server for Details

Sour Cream | Pico D Gallo

Pico d'Gallo

Served with Crispy Corn Chips (vg|mwg)

*Disclaimer: Consumption of raw or undercooked foods of animal origin may increase your risk of food-borne illness. Consumers who are especially vulnerable to food-borne illness should only eat food from animals thoroughly cooked.

Cocktail Specials

Weekdays 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Cocktails    $13

Spritz Italia Casa Di Elmo Pio

Our take on a Tapped Aperal Spritz!

Blueberry Basil Mojito

Litchfield Blueberry Vodka | Cointreau | Soda Water

Bruno's Bee Sting

The Whistler Irish Whiskey | Fresh Lemon | Soda Water

Match Made in Haven

Rum Haven Coconut Rum | Pineapple Juice | Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice


Bottled and Draft Beer


$7 (12 oz. cans) | $8 (16 oz. cans) | $6 Non Alcoholic Beer

Bruno Brew

Rhode Island 

Night Shift

Santilli IPA | 6.0% | Massachusetts


Bohemian Pilsner | 5.2% | Rhode Island


Ocean State Lager | 4.8% | Rhode Island


5.0% | Rhode Island

Heineken 0

Non Alcoholic 


16oz $8

Ask your server about our rotating seasonal beers on tap

Wine Selections

We present an exciting variety of wines to accommodate a multitude of taste and style for your enjoyment!  

Wines by the Glass

  • Chardonnay, Canyon Road (California)
  • Chardonnay, Chamisal Vineyards (California)
  • Pinot Grigio, Canyon Road (California)
  • Pinot Grigio, Astoria (Italy)
  • Sauvignon Blanc, Canyon Road (California)
  • Sauvignon Blanc, Overstone (New Zealand)
  • White Zinfandel, Canyon Road (California)
  • Rose, Aime Roquesante (France)
  • Prosecco, Risata (Italy)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Canyon Road (California)
  • Merlot, Canyon Ranch (California)
  • Merlot, Hahn (California)
  • Pinot Noir, Canyon Road (California)
  • Pinot Noir, Innocent Bystander (Australia)
  • Red Blend, Mettler Family Vineyards (California)
  • Malbec, Alamos (Argentina)

White Wines by the Bottle

White Zinfandel, Canyon Road (California)

Sauvignon Blanc, Canyon Road (California)

Sauvignon Blanc, Overstone (New Zealand)

Pinot Grigio, Canyon Road (California)

Pinot Grigio, Astoria (Italy)

Chardonnay, Canyon Road (California)

Chardonnay, Chamisal Vineyards (California)

Rose, Aime Roquesante (France)

Prosecco, La Marca (Italy)

Red Wines by the Bottle

Pinot Noir, Canyon Road (California)

Pinot Noir, Innocent Bystander (Australia)

Merlot, Canyon Road (California)

Merlot, Hahn (California)


Cabernet Sauvignon, Canyon Road (California)

Malbec, Alamos (Argentina)

Red Blend, Mettler Family Vineyards (California)