Faculty Club

Huttner/Twaddell Rooms and Cornell Courtyard

The spacious Huttner Room and connected Twaddell Room are located on the first floor. These rooms combined seat up to 108 guests, and are ideal for a private banquet or wedding reception.

Dining Capacity: 108

Reception Capacity: 142                

Huttner Room

Dining Capacity: 96

Reception Capacity: 130              

Twaddell Room

Capacity: 12

(limited availability) 

Picerne and Class of '52 Rooms

Located on the south side of the first floor, the Picerne and Class of '52 Rooms underwent renovation in 1993. The result is Victorian charm at its most elegant. These rooms provide an excellent atmosphere that rivals the finest venues in the area for ambiance, cuisine, and personal service.

Picerne Room

Capacity: 24

(limited availability)

Class of '52 Room

Capacity: 30

(limited availability)

Carberry Room

The Carberry Room is located directly above the front portico of the Club on the second floor. This room seats up to 6 guests and is primarily used for small, intimate events.

Capacity: 6


Kapstein Room

The Kapstein Room is located in the Northwest corner of the second floor of the Club. Seating up to 24 guests, it is a prime location for private luncheons or dinners.

Dining Capacity: 24

Reception Capacity: 28

Landscape Room

The Landscape Room is located on the south side of the second floor of the Club. Seating up to 51 guests, it is ideal for medium sized gatherings.

Dining Capacity: 51

Reception Capacity: 70

Conference Room

The Conference Room is located on the south side of the Club's third floor and used primarily for business meetings and small gatherings.
This room is available for self-service events only.

Capacity: 32