Faculty Club

The Brown Faculty Club is able to safely and reasonably guide event planners in booking events and making menu selections which can accommodate their guests. In most instances, food allergies and intolerances can be managed independently at events, however, please note:

  • The Brown Faculty Club does not label all allergens at functions.
  • With advance notice, The Brown Faculty Club can generally accommodate guests who must avoid the most common food allergens, as well as gluten.
  • The Brown Faculty Club is unable to accommodate individual dietary preferences. Dietary preferences can be made directly to the event planner. It is the event planner's decision to modify the event menu based on guest preference.
  • The Brown Faculty Club is unable to accommodate for therapeutic diets (i.e. diabetic diet, cardiac diet, renal diet, etc.)

Request an Accommodation

Event planners should submit a formal request to The Brown Faculty Club Sales & Event Manager for each guest requiring a meal accommodation. These should be submitted no later than four (4) business days from the event date. The guest(s) should then identify themselves to the Manager at the event.
Faculty Club Event - Guest Allergen Form