Faculty Club

Meeting and Event Accompaniments

Meeting supplies, copies and event enhancements.

Meeting Supplies

Podium and Stationary Microphone $50
House Music System (Huttner Room only) $35
LCD Projector $100
LCD Projector and Screen $125
Screen $25
Flipchart with Pad and Markers $20
Display Easel $8
Sandwich Board $10
Notepads and Pencils $1.25 per person
Conference Phone $75


Single Sided Black/White $0.10 each
Double Sided Black/White $0.15 each
Single Sided Color $1.50 each
Double Sided Color $3.00 each

Note: Affixing visual aids to the Club walls is prohibited.

Event Enhancements

White linen is included for all events. 

Floor length cloths and colored napkins are available at a minimal charge. Specialty Linens are available for rental upon request. Please inquire with your Event Manager for more information.

Centerpieces or Table Arrangements Prices Quoted
Votive Candles $3.00 per table
Dance Floor $150
Ice Carving (one block) Prices Quoted
Place Cards $1.50 per person
Personalized Menus $4.00 per person

Coat Check Service (Minimum of four hours required)

(The Club will not be responsible for any lost item)

$50 per hour

Inquire for information on an array of musical entertainment services provided by talented Brown student musicians!